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Mount Wudang - Hubei

Mount Wudang, located in the northwest of Hubei province, is one of the famous holy places of Taoism as well as one of the world cultural heritage sites listed by UNESCO. The mountains are elegant and the landscape is quiet and beautiful. There are 72 peaks altogether, among which the main peak, Heaven Pillar Peak, stands tallest at 1,612 m above sea level.

Mount Wudang has plenty of scenic and hsitoric sites, including three ponds, nine springs, nine wells, nine terraces, ten lakes, ten rocks, eleven caves, twenty-four caves, thirty-six cliffs and seventy-two peaks. With a tremendous amount of work, the Taoist temples look grandiose among the ancient architecture on Mount Wudang, and are a miracle in the history of ancient architecture in the world.

The golden palace on the top of Heaven Pillar Peak is also called Golden Summit. Weighing about 90 tons, it is one of the largest copper buildings in China.

Do you know?

Mount Wudang is the cradle arts exponent Zhang Sanfeng, Wudang Kung Fu is connected with Taoism. It is centered on the principle of conquering toughness by gentleness, mainly using the opponent's initiation to gain mastery. This is a distinct type of martial arts and is called internal Kung Fu. Wudang Faction founded by Zhang Sanfeng is considered to be on a par with Shaolin Faction.

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According to the legend, the Taoist deity Zhenwu practiced alchemy and attained immortality atop the mountain.
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